Tip #3

What: When placing dirtied laundry into the electric clothing washer, make sure all t-shirts, no matter the size, are placed in the machine inside-out.

Because: 93% of t-shirts placed into the washer come out of the dryer inverted.  If a shirt is placed into the washer right-side-out, then it has a 93% chance of exiting the machine inside-out. This creates unnecessary effort during the folding stage. While folding, the folder must take time to invert 93% of shirts right-side-out in order to complete a nice fold. By placing t-shirts into the washer inside-out, the ratio is flipped, and 93% of t-shirts will come out pre-right-side-out to begin, therefore saving the folder precious folding time.


Tip #2

What: If you find yourself wandering somewhere, whether you should be there or not, and discover close by people of scary-character, always be sure to clench the fist of your dominant hand.

Because: So as to be ready for a blow to the person's soft tissue, in case the person is dangerous. By pre-clenching your fist, you have already gained an incredible advantage over your opponent by saving approximately 1/17 of a second (the amount of time it takes to close one's hand). Follow through with this only when the person of scary character has shown signs of attack, or is currently in the process of attacking.


Tip #1

What: When attending a party, gathering, or any other occasion (formal or casual), if pizza is being served, always eat it with the left hand only.

Because: At gatherings such as these, many hand shakes will be proposed and executed, therefore, it is only common sense to eat pizza only with the left hads so as not to disgust, grease, or dirty the others hand in the process of the shake.